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  • Saturday, September 1st, 2018

Saturday, September 1st, 2018

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Synopsis[Edit] Orphaned after his maternal grandfather's death Caine eventually found himself outside the local Shaolin temple along with other hopeful candidates After waiting patiently for several days Caine and the few other remaining candidates were taken inside the temple where only Caine passed a subtle test in manners Although taking a student of mixed parentage into the order was unprecedented the head monk Master Kan (Philip Ahn) sagely noted "There is a first for everything," and welcomed Caine. Question: Even though Rev Hawkes was found innocent should this incident and the judges comments be enough for him to reconsider being in spiritual leadership? Should his church ask him to resign or at the very least put him on a leave of absence? Or was this “indiscretion” so long ago that the phrase “but by the grace of God go I” applies here? In the waning days of her relationship with David Carradine Barbara Hershey appeared in a season three two-part episode "Besieged" She played the role of Nan Chi a half-Chinese half-Caucasian woman who wanted to become a disciple of the Shaolin She and Kwai Chang clearly fall in love but the relationship is never consummated as Kwai Chang still a disciple in this flashback episode did not lose his virginity until after he had left the monastery as previously depicted in the second season Nan Chi is mortally wounded while saving Kwai Chang's life As she lies dying she asks Caine to pretend with her that they are married and have a child He says "Only live Nan Chi and it will. Following his induction into the order Caine then lived in the temple until adulthood mastering many of the fighting forms and lessons taught by the Shaolin monks (Crane Snake Praying Mantis Tiger and Dragon) At one point during his training he was shown the various forms and Master Kan explained that it may take half a lifetime to master one of the forms Later while in the US when asked by a student which forms he teaches Caine's response was "All of them" (a tribute to Master Kan who had answered young Caine similarly when asked the same question).

In the first episode "King of the Mountain" Lara Parker plays a widowed ranch owner with whom Caine finds employment She offers him money for his labors but he refuses saying that all he needs is food and place to sleep She presses him and insists there must be more he needs (i.e sex) It is subtly implied that she eventually supplies what he needs It is also implied that she is attracted by the "tattoos" on his forearms In the episode "The Tide" Caine falls in love with Su Yen played by Tina Chen the daughter of a philosopher and author with whom Caine is familiar It turns out that Su Yen however seeks to trade Caine to the Emperor in exchange for her father who is imprisoned. Caine takes employment from Ellie a widowed ranch owner who does not feel that food and a place to sleep is enough compensation for all that Caine has done for her Thus Caine has sexual relations with her In this third-season episode "A Small Beheading" Ellie is played by Rosemary Forsyth. In the fourth episode of season three ("A Small Beheading") Captain Brandywine Gage (played by William Shatner) presents Caine with a scroll written in Chinese As the camera pans down the scroll the Chinese characters for Caine's name appear for the first time in the series:

In the Shaolin arts monks live in temples and most stay their entire life Once they become masters and leave the temple they are referred to as Priests In real world Shaolin both monks and priests shave their heads and remain celibate Western audiences might have expected that such a character had taken a vow of chastity but that was apparently not true in Caine's case as he frequently had intimate relations with women throughout the series